Victoria De Angelis Enjoys a Nude Day at the Beach During Her Holiday in Ibiza (45 Photos)

Check it out – Bassist Victoria De Angelis and the electric guitarist from the Italian rock band ‘Maneskin’ are livin’ it up at the beach during their holidays in Ibiza, Spain.Victoria was goin’ straight-up topless out in the sweltering Spanish sunshine as she frolicked in the sea, raisin’ a few temperatures and puttin’ on a sexy display with a female mystery woman.Fellow band member Thomas was goin’ shirtless too, donning his red shorts and chillin’ out on the sun bed with a mystery female who was also goin’ topless. These two were coolin’ off from the excessive heat by takin’ a dive into the sea. These guys are straight-up killin’ it and we’re all about their hotness.